Embraer 650 Legacy
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Maximum Range: 6,060 km (3,740 mi)
Typical Cruise Speed:  787 km/h

Wing Span:  21.17 m (68 ft 11 in)
Overall Length:  26.33 m (86 ft 5 in)
Tail Height: 6,76 m (22 ft 2 in)

The Legacy 650 is a longer-range version of the Legacy 600. It was announced at the 2009 NBAA show, and certified by the FAA in February 2011.

The Legacy 600 competes on the upper end of the small to mid-sized range of business jets and is considered a “Super Midsize” aircraft. It has nearly the opposite design progression as the rival Canadair Challenger. The Legacy 600 was derived from the established ERJ family of regional jets, while the Canadair Regional Jet was developed by Bombardier from the Challenger business jet. Both lines of aircraft are competitors.

In seven years of service, Embraer has delivered over 150 Legacy 600 aircraft in more than 20 countries.

Embraer 650 Legacy Properties:
  • Vehicle Age 2008
  • Capacity (People) up to 4 stret.+or 4 seats
  • Max Speed 3500 nm
  • Fuel Capacity9.344 L
  • Max Weight22.500 kg
  • Pilots (Min.)2
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