FiveROAM Simcard

The solution to all your travel communications headaches ! How many times have you found yourself on the receiving end of a shock ? All because you called your family to let them know you’ve arrived, or your friends called you to see how you’re doing ? That shock is called ROAMING FEES…. Many of us have spent many sleepless nights begging the phone companies to “do something”… do they ever ? No… The power is now in YOUR hands. Using our FiveROAM simcard, we welcome you to a new world of freedom. FREE incoming calls in over 140 countries as well as some of the most fantastic rates on the market… It’s easy to get, too ! The FiveROAM card is FREE on all Five EXCEL or Horizon class Tickets till June 2015. To celebrate this fantastic occasion, We’re allowing YOU to get YOUR hands on this wonderful product at a very special rate starting at 40 Euros! So what are you waiting for? Get your very own FiveROAM and travel happier!

Starts from 40€.