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Maximum Range: 4,000 km (2,158 nmi, 2,458 mi) (with maximum fuel)
Typical Cruise Speed: 740 km/h (399 knots, 460 mph) (economy cruise)

Wing Span : 28.88 m (94 ft 9 in).
Overall Length: 36.38 m (119 ft 4 in).
Tail Height: 9.83 m (32 ft 3 in).
Wing area: 150.0 m² (1,615 ft²).
Interior Cabin Width: 3,60 m.

The Yakovlev Yak-42 is a three-engined mid-range passenger jet. It is the first airliner produced in the Soviet Union to be powered by modern high-bypass turbofan engines.

The Yak-42 is a low-winged monoplane of all-metal construction, with a design lifespan of 30,000 one-hour flights. It has a pressurised fuselage of circular section, with the cabin designed to carry 120 passengers in six abreast layout. The aircraft is flown by a flight crew of two pilots sitting side-by-side in a flight deck forward of the cabin. Access is via two airstairs, one in the underside of the rear fuselage, like that of the Yak-40, and one forward of the cabin on the port side. Two holds are located under the cabin, carrying baggage, cargo and mail.

Yak-42D – Long-range version with increased fuel capacity.

Yak-42D Properties:
  • Vehicle Age 1988-92
  • Capacity (People) up to 12 str.+or 40 seats
  • Max Speed 2000 nm
  • Fuel Capacity23.827 L
  • Max Weight57.500 kg
  • Pilots (Min.)2
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